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Is a domotic home in your future?

What is domotics you might ask? Domotic comes from the Latin word “domus”, or house. A domotic home is a smart home run by computer systems. These systems can monitor all controllable devices making homes more comfortable, efficient, and secure.

The new generation of home buyers have grown up in a connected world and want their homes to be connected as well. Using their phones and tablets to control lighting, heating/cooling, appliances, speakers, TVs, security, and much more makes their home not just a house, but a complete housing system.

What was just a few years ago the toy of the super wealthy, think Bill and Melinda Gates, home automation is now changing lives. It can improve the quality of life for people who are elderly, have physical or cognitive impairments, and can allow disabled persons the ability to live independently. Designing or renovating homes with the future in mind is more important now than ever!

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